My 4 years old daugther’s cooking birthday party

I was looking for an interesting way to celebrate my daughter’s 4th birthday in the circle of her closest girlfriends. Finally, I came across the idea of a cooking party.  After browsing the web for couple of days looking for inspirations and ideas  I came up with the party plan for our cookie decorating party.  First, the girls had to turn into the chefs.  For that they had to decorate chef hats and aprons.  I’ve asked the girls to write their names on the hats and draw something on the aprons.

After that they put on their creations and were ready to get messy. However I had a couple of games planned for them in order to give them necessary cooking utensils.  First was the tasting game. I’ve used cupcake forms to put pieces of food for the girls to try. The girls tasted lemon, sugar, salt, strawberry, kiwi, sour cream, tomato, cucumber, etc.  Trying to make the game fair, once I’ve picked the food to try, I closed my eyes, turned in the circle of girls and picked the girl in random. The girl who tasted the food stepped out of the circle and got little whisk as a prize.  Then we were trying to play a game edible or non-edible, but girls were too eager to start making cookies, so we wrapped up  the game and got messy.

We already had the dough ready in the refrigerator.  So the plan was to roll out the dough,  cut out the cookies and then paint them with egg yolk tinted with food colors. First, I showed girls how to separate egg yolk. The response that I got was ‘YAK’.  Each girl got one egg yolk with a little water added and had to whisk it with food color.



After that, each girl got a piece of dough, tasted it, cut out the cookies, painted them and decorated with sprinkles.

Here are the final products…

The girls got rolling pins, whisk, aprons and hats as party favors and little bags with their cookies.

NY Cake was a great place to get different sprinkles, colored sugars, edible eyes, different cookie cut outs and other related things for the party.

Here is the list of  things that I bought from the web…


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